Do Conservatives Deserve to Lose?

John Eberhard

I am going to reprint several articles in my blog and newsletter that I think are really on the money in terms of describing the political scene in America. The article below is by Dr. Oliver DeMille, the founder and former president of George Wythe University, and a co-founder of the Center for Social Leadership.

I think Dr. DeMille has an excellent point below about the way Democrats and Republicans act when the going gets tough. Democrats gather round the wagons, while Republicans throw their fellow Republicans under the bus.

Do Conservatives Deserve to Lose? (Link to original article)

by Oliver DeMille

After the 2012 election, Mitt Romney faced ongoing attacks by a number of liberal pundits; but amazingly he also received a lot of attacks from conservatives, including former supporters.

Dole, McCain and Palin endured the same thing. In contrast, the last three losing Democratic candidates for president were strongly supported by most liberals and eventually two of them were made Secretaries of State and the other the head of the Democratic Committee by President Obama and other Democratic leaders.

When a college girl was ridiculed by the Right for making a liberal comment, President Obama called her to express his support.

President Bush stayed away from such “controversial” things. Indeed, liberals frequently use controversy to further their goals, while conservatives too often just shy away from such opportunities.

Crisis Management

Most conservatives want to avoid crises, while liberals see crisis as the best way to promote their views.

As a result, liberals win more than conservatives.

There are many other examples of this difference between how liberals and conservatives treat people on their own “side.”

Of course, some conservatives are loyal to each other and some liberals attack their own, but on the whole the Left is much more unified than the Right.

For the staunch conservatives reading this: say what you want about liberals, but they stick together.

If conservatives were as loyal, they’d run the country. Literally.

This lack of conservative unity is rooted at least partly in fear of the media.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

The mainstream media generally has a left-leaning bias, and many conservatives want to avoid criticism at all costs.

But if you haven’t been criticized, you probably aren’t making much of a difference–especially in a field as important as freedom.

Just consider the alternative. What would happen if every time a conservative was targeted and ridiculed by the media, the response was a huge outpouring of strong, vocal support from all conservatives, independents and freedom-loving people?

The Left does it. Why don’t conservatives do it more often?

If they did, more people would muster the courage to speak out boldly for freedom, and we’d put forth very different candidates and elect very different national leaders.

Moreover, a lot more regular people would listen to the freedom message.

The Left wins more often because it is more unified.

How obvious is this? If we are divided while the other side is unified, we will surely fail.

The Definition of Insanity

Conservatives are losing the battle for America, and to turn this around they must stop trying to impress the mainstream media. It will never work anyway, and the more they try, the more splintered they become.

In the process of attempting to avoid criticism, the Right is losing battle after battle to the more unified Left.

The way this works is shockingly sad, and it bears repeating:

· The Left attacks someone on the Right, precisely because his or her ideas have merit.

· The elite media joins the attacks.

· Then (once the person promoting the new idea is targeted and ridiculed by the Left and the mainstream media), others on the Right do an amazing thing–they distance themselves or join in the attacks!

As long as this is the way conservatives do things, they deserve to keep losing.

And lose they will.

The Right may win a few elections, mostly in strongly conservative states, but overall the decades ahead will go to the side that is most unified and loyal.

If conservatives become better at this than liberals, they’ll lead. If not, they won’t.

Loyalty and unity are the first keys to success and leadership. Those who don’t understand this are destined to fail.

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